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Safeguarding Investments through Comprehensive Due Diligence


An investment company, poised to invest over $400 million in a promising neo bank, sought the expertise of Anayist Group to conduct thorough due diligence. With significant financial resources at stake, the client recognized the importance of mitigating risks and ensuring the integrity of their investment.


The investment company faced the daunting task of assessing the viability and integrity of the neo bank as a potential investment opportunity. Concerns loomed over the background of key decision-makers, potential legal issues, and the security of the neo bank's cyber infrastructure.

Anayist`s Approach

Anayist Group deployed its multidisciplinary teams from the intelligence division and cyber division to conduct comprehensive due diligence on behalf of the investment company. This collaborative approach enabled Anayist to uncover critical insights spanning multiple jurisdictions and disciplines.

Due Diligence Process

Anayist's intelligence unit conducted thorough investigations in more than six countries, scrutinizing the backgrounds of key decision-makers and stakeholders associated with the neo bank. Through meticulous research and analysis, they uncovered potential red flags, including past criminal investigations and legal entanglements involving key stakeholders.

Simultaneously, Anayist's cyber division conducted an in-depth assessment of the neo bank's cyber infrastructure and security protocols. Leveraging advanced cyber intelligence techniques, they identified grave vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the bank's IT systems, exposing it to significant cyber threats and potential breaches.

Combined Reports

The intelligence and cyber divisions of Anayist collaborated closely to consolidate their findings into comprehensive due diligence reports. The combined reports revealed a troubling picture of the neo bank's operational and cybersecurity risks, highlighting significant concerns that posed a threat to the investment company's interests.


Armed with the insights provided by Anayist Group Inc., the investment company made the strategic decision to withdraw from the planned investment in the neo bank. The comprehensive due diligence reports enabled the client to make an informed choice, mitigating potential financial losses and reputational damage associated with investing in a risky venture.


Anayist's collaborative approach to due diligence proved instrumental in safeguarding the investment company's interests and mitigating risks associated with the potential investment in the neo bank. By leveraging the expertise of its intelligence and cyber divisions, Anayist provided the client with actionable insights and recommendations, empowering them to make informed decisions and protect their financial assets. The successful outcome underscored Anayist's commitment to delivering comprehensive and strategic solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

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