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Transforming Security

Intelligence, Security and Cyber Solutions for Corporations, Governments and NGOs

Let Anayist Be Your Ace Up Your Sleeve

Anayist doesn't want to replace your existing teams - our mission is to support, educate and assist. 

360 Degree

Securing the world's most targeted organizations through realistic attack scenarios, 360 degree security posture optimization and training.

Consulting &

Anayist advises companies and governments in the areas of cyber security, intelligence and other sensitive fields. Anayist also frequently conducts M&A due diligence, especially in cyber and "background" due diligences.

High Threat Environments

Anayist specializes in securing infrastructures, physically and IT, in high risk environments e.g. war zones or areas with ongoing armed conflicts to protect your staff and ensure continuity of your business operations.


Is your organization secure against nation sponsored attacks, ranging from high scale cyber crime to insider theft of sensitive documents? Anayist specializes in counter intelligence in addition to its 360 Degree security program.


Anayist aids organizations and governments in large scale criminal investigations utilizing our international network and experience in different areas.

"Humans are more important than hardware." - SOF Truth

Our firm's approach differs compared to traditional cyber security companies. We integrate all elements of intelligence gathering techniques such as OSINT, HUMINT and other when conducting security assessments and attack simulations.

We utilize the same techniques used by threat actors, including social engineering, phishing etc.. Our group has access to a vast collection of tools developed by governments, friendly and adversaries to create realistic attack scenarios.

Our group's expertise in intelligence also aids us in criminal investigations or due diligence processes on behalf of our clients. We e.g. use FININT methods when conducting M&A risk assessments or track stolen funds.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers




In Damages Prevented


Staff Able To Deploy




Continents Covered

Are You Ready to Transform Your Security Posture?

Explore how Anayist`s tailormade solutions can help you secure your organization`s security posture and protect the most sensitive & critical parts within your infrastructure.

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